Bette Noir brings a wide array of influences to its songwriting — everything from 80s college rock, power pop a la Big Star, and melodies of the Beatles. Add in a generous dose of guy/girl harmonies, a few old-school country sob stories and some fuzzy guitars, and you’ve got the Bette Noir sound.

So, do we do covers or originals? Well, we do both, focusing more on originals. But we’ll break out covers that you’re not gonna hear on radio, and that are more likely songs everyone thought died. We dust ’em off, give them a pretty-yet-edgy veneer, and make you love ’em again.

We've played at several area venues, including Fat Tuesday’s, Clarendon Grill, DC9, The Red and the Black, Stacy’s Coffee Parlor, Bangkok Blues, and Galaxy Hut. In our “travels,” we’ve also been lucky to share the stage and become friends with a number of other local and regional acts, including Gaslight Society, Greenland, The Emeralds, Tieweb, and Andrew Grimm. We were also finalists in the 2009 FoxRocks contest.

We’d like to bring our power-pop-alt-punky-country music to as many venues as possible. We have links to demo versions of our songs below and on our MySpace page, and you can also see videos of us performing! If you like what you hear, and want to give a hard-working local band a shot, our contact info is below.

sunburnWake UpAll Night LongkidSouth of Lonely

Thanks for your consideration!

Contact Andy Charest at:
Phone: (703) 819-3790 • E-mail:
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Andy –Lead Guitar/Vox | Cate –Rhythm Guitar/Vox | Mike –Bass/Vox | Steve –Drums/Vox