Available MP3s:

If you click on the song name, your browser will probably start loading it and play it for you. If you right-click (or control-click for you awesomest Mac peoples who have the one-button mouse), you can choose to "download this link" and save the MP3 to your very own computer, to listen to even when you don't have interwebs!

The tracks we created with Bret Batterman are now available:

Hotel BarSunburn (radio edit)Step Over the LineNow We DancePainedLost & FoundHoly GhostThe Place Where I Am (Which is Here)Take On Me


Bette Noir on YouTube

FoxRocks Finals, 10.14.09 — Take On Me

FoxRocks Semi-Finals, 09.30.09 — Blonde

FoxRocks Semi-Finals, 09.30.09 — Hotel Bar

FoxRocks Finals Promo Spot

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